Restaurants in Ibiza

Restaurants in Ibiza are open for lunch between 1 PM to 4 PM and for dinner from 8PM to late light. So, I guess Spanish love to dine late.

Welcome to Ibiza!

restaurants in ibiza

Merluza (Hake), Bacalao (Cod), Raya (Skate), Emperador (Swordfish), Mero (Grouper), Rodabello (Turbot), Lenguado (Sole), Denton, the delicate tastes of Besugo, Dorado, Rahpay are the popular Mediterranean fish and seafood that you can enjoy in any of the good restaurants in Ibiza.

Spanish are great lovers of fish and you can find a Zarzuela (Fish Stew) or a Parrillada de Pescado (a kind of mixed fish grill) tantalize you to have more.

Dishes made of Gambas (Prawns), Cigalas (Smaller chaps found locally), Langostinos (King Prawns), Cangrejo (Crabs), Pulpo (Octopus), Bogavanta (Lobster) and Calamares (Squid) are the next popular things on your menu.

Restaurants in Ibiza - Paella Mixta

paella mixta

The other Mediterranean Spanish foods that you can try in restaurants in Ibiza are:

  • Paella - paella is one such popular dish that you shouldn't miss in Ibiza. It's the traditional recipe made of rice and a choice of meat along with sea food. The rice is slowly cooked along with their juices and you can get Paella de Carne, which is all meat paella, or an Paella de pescado y mariscos, which is seafood and fish paella.
  • Tapas - tapas are a snack sized servings made of cooked meat, fish, eggs, poultry and vegetables.

Restaurants in Ibiza - Tapas plate

  • Guisado - guisado is a soup (slowly cooked) with the richness of big slices of meat or fish in it.
  • Ensaimadas - these are Balearic croissants that are sprinkled with icing sugar or filed with chocolate and cream.
  • Greixonera - this is a delicious pudding made using Ensaimadas.
  • Sofrit Pages - a dish that has gently spiced lamb, pork and chicken. This Ibicenco dish is available with mouth-watering delicious sausages, sweet garlics, potatoes and peppers. All these ingredients are vaporized in their rich juices and then dusted with saffron, parsley and cinnamon. A delight to taste!
  • Flao - this is the local cake made of cheese, honey and herbs.


Along with these mouthwatering dishes you can have the great taste of local drinks to quench your thirst!

  • Sangria - the most famous Spanish drink comes in a variety of flavors such as apple, orange etc. Basically it is red wine made up of added spirits, chopped fruit and liqueurs. The white wine or champagne is made from apple, banana, pears and such other fruits.
  • Hierbas Ibicencas - the Anise based drink flavored with herbs and rosemary. This is a delicious drink to be served on rocks and good for digestion.
  • Frigola - a sweet and aromatic local drink.
  • Granizados - are fresh fruit juices that are frozen and crushed to taste great.
  • Horchatas - are frozen and crushed juices made of nut milk. These along with Granizados are a rich and delicious source of vitamins.

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Ibiza beaches

It is an interesting place to be explored and experienced by visitors of all ages, not just because of the Ibiza restaurants.

It is surrounded by the lovely seas, enchanting mountains and valleys, as well as the good weather.

The waters and Ibiza beaches are some of the cleanest in the world and some of these beaches have been continuously winning the coveted EU Blue Flags for their serenity.

Ibiza is the third largest Balearic Islands that lie among the Mediterranean coast off Spain.

Ibiza vacations

Ibiza is not a place you come over to just lie around lazily, Ibiza has fun and frenzy!

Apart from restaurants in Ibiza, diving is one of the most popular activities that an adventurous traveller would certainly love to do. Warm clear waters and over 200 km of eye-catching coastline in Ibiza make it one of the most popular resorts for professional as well as amateur divers all the year around.

scuba diving in Ibiza

If you love adventure and looking to do scuba diving in Ibiza, you can contact some of the renowned diving schools that will offer you excellent and qualified diving services even for a beginner.

Arenal Diving Center: San Antonia, Ibiza Diving College: San Antonia, Scuba Ibiza Diving Center: Don Pedro and Phoenix Dive Center: Delfin Playa are some of the noteworthy diving centers in Ibiza.

Chartering a boat is another activity of fun that you can enjoy over here.

To experience exhilarating fun and sheer romance among the gentle waters you can hire a boat. The boat charter companies in Ibiza will be offering you yachts and motor boat excursion services or rent them on weekly and daily basis.

By choosing this service you will be able to have an opportunity to discover the beautiful coastline of Ibiza and the neighboring island of Formentera.

Watersports in Ibiza are quite popular; with water temperatures ranging between 18 to 26 degrees from May to August, travelers to Ibiza indulge themselves in watersports with waterskiing, sailing, parasailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, kayaking and banana boat or simply relax in a pedalo.

Adventure sports like mountain biking, MTB Mountain biking and sports tours that allow travelers to play golf, tennis, horse riding, kayaking, carting, rugby, cricket, baseball and such other sports all provide an excellent opportunity to make most of your visit to Ibiza.

The other attractions of noteworthy interest are the guided tours by land and sea, island tours in a hired car, beautiful spas, yoga and meditation centers that heal your mind, body and soul and cultural and art tours that let you know the rich heritage and cultural richness of Ibiza. You will find that Ibiza is a genuine muse for artists and creative souls!

Ibiza night clubs - Ibiza party

Apart from Ibiza restaurants, nightlife is Ibiza's greatest attraction; and parties on this island just never stop!

Most of the popular nightlife spots are around Puerto de Ibiza and the West End of San Antonio.

The clubs are of good standard and they are worthy to visit. There are some inexpensive bars too.

ibiza party

If you are interested in disco, places like Privilege, Space and Amnesia are a must you can visit.

Nightlife in Ibiza will bewitch your senses and you will feel its spell woven around you for long. You will certainly enjoy the holiday of your life time in Ibiza.

Flight to Ibiza

The Ibiza Airport has regular flights from 9 countries; passengers visiting Ibiza through air mostly come through Mallorca, Barcelona and Palma Airports.

The nearest ferry route from the mainland Spain is from Denia, which is approximately 2 hours.

Ibiza is Ibiza and you will find that the experience you have here is unmatched to any other one that you can have elsewhere.

The sweet memories of Ibiza will mesmerize you even after a long time of your visiting over here.

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