How to Make Bread
Try These Easy Homemade Bread Recipes

Making bread isn't hard at all.

Homemade bread recipes?

It may seem absurd in the 21st century that it is kneaded the same way it was done a hundred years ago.

Healthy bread recipes

However, if you want to avoid additives and artificial substances, or if you want to surprise your husband (or your wife), or maybe impress some guests at a dinner then make a homemade bread.

These homemade bread recipes are incredibly simple.

This dough recipes can also be used as a basis for preparing pizzas and cakes.

As for all yeast dough, there is one rule while making them. All ingredients must be kept at room temperature (water slightly warmer), and your kitchen must be warm and draft free (with all windows closed).

Embark on the adventure! Success is guaranteed!

Homemade Bread Recipes

Something About Bread Types

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of different bread types around the world.

From the tortilla in Mexico to blini in Russia.

Both of these types are from the category known as 'flat breads'. We can separate them into 3 different categories if we want to go by height, and density; flat - which don't rise much at all, medium heights like French and the type which rises the most and therefore needs to be baked in a pan.

All types start out from a grain or cereal, or a combination of the two.

After adding water to the grain mix all different types of ingredients may be added. There are fruit types such as banana and raisin, dry types such as sourdough, and sweet types to which some kind of sugar or sweetener is added.

Whole Grain Bread Recipes

One factor affecting different types is whether or not the grain is shucked from its outer shell first or left intact.

If the shell is first removed and only the inside of the grain used, you will have a white dough which isn't as healthy as its cousin who is not separated from its shell. The shell is comprised of natural vitamins and minerals, all of which would be lost in processing.

Many commercial producers of these white types will then add in synthetic or generic vitamins and minerals so they can advertise it as 'enriched'. These generic vitamins and minerals are inferior though, to what you would have gotten naturally with no added cost. For that reason I suggest you try this easy homemade bread recipes and make your own bread at home.

Multigrain types are a combination of stripped grains and whole-shell grains and can also contain wheatgerm, and cereals such as rye, barley and oats.

This results in bread types which are in between all whole grain and all white. Here again, the whole grain is superior as it is a better source of dietary fiber. Even tiny pieces of vegetables and nuts may be added for great flavor.

Yeast is added to many recipes to make higher, lighter bread types.

Depending upon how the yeast is used determines how high and airy the dough will be before baking. Amazingly, adding yeast to improve the dough was invented by the ancient Egyptians. And going even farther back to prehistoric times, the use of wild yeast to make dough rise has been proven by early cooking tools unearthed that date back to 8,000 B.C.E.

That shows how different bread types have always been loved by humans!

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