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A few months ago I ran across an article in local newspapers in Croatia about Yellow Chinese diet tea as a great weight loss tea. It immediately caught my attention and I wanted to look into it a little bit.

Health Benefits of Yellow Tea

chinese diet tea

The article said something like this:

Yellow tea has been proven as one of the best weight loss teas. It has so much power that it used to be called “The Imperial Tea” because it was served at imperial palaces as a high quality beverage.

Yellow tea is actually a raw Chinese white tea.

It has been known for 1300 years, but fell into oblivion, primarily due to the complicated methods of processing it.

Unlike traditional green tea, it has no bitterness and contains a small amount of theine.

It contains an enzyme that helps digest food faster and burns excess fat in the body.

Yellow Chinese diet tea is the best natural remedy for weight loss, cleanses the body from toxins, reduces pain in stomach and intestines and reduces cholesterol. It is also good for heart and blood pressure, prevents atherosclerosis, reduces inflammation, normalizes the thyroid gland, improves blood circulation, regenerates skin, enhances mental and physical activity, works against depression, promotes healing of the liver, is good for rheumatism ...

It is so effective for weight loss that you can lose up to 4 pounds per week.

Herbal Teas

Of all miraculous pills, shakes, etc.  for weight loss, I only accept herbal teas.

To make myself clear, I have nothing against the others, except that I generally think they are a waste of money and not very healthy. In fact, some of them might even be very harmful for your health.

I am constantly looking for a pleasant, tasty—and especially healthy—herbal tea to hydrate me during the day. When the body is well hydrated, pounds are harder to accumulate.

This yellow tea intrigued me, so I threw myself into researching it.

For yellow tea I found only benefits.

In the second stage, I wanted to find out if it really does what it promises.

So I bought it.

The first thing I noticed is that you should be drinking 2-3 cups a day. Great! I do not have to drink myself to death with gallons of tea to see its effects. With that, it deserved a first big plus.

Then I noticed it has a very pleasant taste, which was also great, because I don’t want it to be a hassle.

I was drinking it for about a month, 2-3 cups every day, although I sometimes skipped it due to my working schedule. I was drinking it out of pure pleasure, which is the best thing.

Yellow Chinese Diet Tea -
The Benefits

In that month, I noticed the following:

  • I felt better, with more energy
  • My digestion was enhanced
  • I cut down the intake of coffee, because I no longer needed it
  • My trousers indeed became a bit loose

There are many types of yellow tea, but if you want to burn fat, Yinzhien yellow tea is the best.

Yinzhien contains vitamins B2, B12, C, E and A1 and a trace of minerals.

Yinzhien Chinease diet tea is first class if you buy it in bulk and filter bag tea is a third-class tea (tea dust).  Like green tea, yellow tea also contains theine, so do not overdo its intake. 2-3 cups daily is ideal.

It works better if you drink it unsweetened (you may add a little honey) and freshly prepared.


Water needs to be heated to between 70-80 ° C/ 150-170 °F . Bring water to the boil and leave for 5 minutes to cool slightly. Pour water over the tea and allow it to steep for 2- 3 minutes.

Use one teaspoon of tea for 2.5 dl/ 1 cup water.

Yinzen Chinese Diet Tea

yellow chinese diet tea

Yinzen Chinese Diet Tea - Final Thoughts

What I have concluded from my little experiment is that yellow tea is not a magic weight loss tea; in other words, do not expect to lose 10 pounds in a month just by drinking it while you lie on your couch with a remote.

However, combined with a moderate diet and light exercise – as advocated by the Mediterranean diet – this tea will surely have more than a positive effect on weight loss and your health in general.

Therefore, enjoy the yellow tea!

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