Yogic way of life is solution for obesity

by Rajendran Nair
(Trivandrum, Kerala ,India)

This is my elder son's story.
He was having constant hunger and consumed more meat food and developed obesity in the younger age.

He started practicing yoga for the last one year and controlled his diet with almost vegetarian food. Now he looks good with a reduced and normal stomach and waist.

Obesity is bulging of waist portion with the deposit of fat. This will give the impression of ‘umbrella cart’ stomach.

This is due to over eating and lack of exercise.
One of the reason of obesity is consuming much fatty food.

Yoga is a way of life to keep you fit both physically and mentally.

Yoga asana/poses are suitable to any age group to keep in good body posture. Better keep a diet of almost a vegetarian, and do regular ‘prana yama’; the deep inhaling and slow exhaling of breath. A good supply of oxygen helps to keep you fit.

The postures / asana if practiced regularly will dissolve all unwanted fat deposited at unwanted places and give the proportional body structure.

Any body practicing can feel the change within first week. Good health is a valuable treasure which bestows happiness and prosperity. This is a condition of physical and mental well being.

The different postures are designed for the best function of different body parts, which can be practiced in a quite area or corner of room.

Constant hunger can be of various reasons and a better diet control be advocated after consulting a physician.

In general if the diet regime is not regular, practice to have a good regime of diet. Most of the people try not to have break fast to reduce weight. This is a wrong method. Have a protein filled breakfast with plenty of water intake and reduce quantity of food, but take it in correct time interval as far as possible.

Increasing intake of water will have the feeling of full stomach. Avoid smoking. This will give you the desired result in a very short time.

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