Trattoria del Pescatore

Location: Via Atto Vannucci, 5, 20135 Milan, Italy (Porta Ticinese)
Contact Information: +39 - 02-58320452

Many tourists come to Milan every year a large number of these are interested in finding places that serve good and well-cooked Mediterranean foods.

Since the Mediterranean cuisine mainly revolves around vegetables, fruits, beef and poultry, anyone visiting Milan would be pleased to know that a number of restaurants in Milan do serve such foods. Even though some of these restaurants may have modified the foods and dishes a little bit, they all do serve Mediterranean cuisine.

Anyone interested in seafood will find a variety of dishes in which fish and seafood is used. An example of such a dish at the Trattoria del Pescatore is the gnocchi with scorpionfish which is perfectly cooked and would awaken your taste buds. The restaurant opens up at 10:30 am and closes after dinner. Those of you who would like to reserve a special table for your partners and/or your family must call a day before so that the restaurant can save a table for you accordingly.

The restaurant is a casual one so anyone can wear anything and enter the restaurant throughout the day. It is spacious and most people come here in the evening. Both, locals and tourists love the restaurant.

The staff is friendly and, much like the environment, it is informal. If you ask a waiter for his opinion on what’s good at the restaurant, he may take you to vittine to show you the different kinds of fish available at the time. The waiters here are very warm and welcoming while the owners are very responsive and caring towards their customers.

Since Milan is known for its seafood and for the diversity of fish available here, you’ll find that all kinds of fish and octopi are available here.

Generally, Italy is well-known for its wineries so you’ll come across different types of wines on the menus in all restaurants. Different kinds of wines are served here and all of these are well-preserved, aged and delicious. Examples include the Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay.

The bread is fresh and tasteful and the appetizers are absolutely delicious. You’ll find that the restaurant is a bit far from the more well-known spots of Milan though you can go there on a metro bus. It really is worth every penny spent. One of the best parts about the fish is that usually you would only expect to find such well-cooked fish (and that, too, so many different kinds of fish) at expensive and pricey restaurants. Not only is the fish well-cooked here, they are also reasonably priced and very affordable.

The food portions are quite large and even the bread loaves served as appetizers are generously large in size. The Trattoria del Pescatore is mostly known for its seafood and its bread. You’ll find that the restaurant is very difficult to get into without a reservation so make reservations a day or so earlier.

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