La Rosa dei Venti

Location: Via Piero della Francesca, 34, Milan, Italy (Magenta)
Contact Information: info(at)

The La Rosa dei Venti was founded quite recently (2001) and is the perfect restaurant for anyone who likes wine and/or seafood.

Since Milan is well-known for its fish tourists will find that many restaurants offer different kinds of fish and octopi in their dishes.

The Las Rosa dei Venti was made to taste fish in a unique way. Customers should not underestimate this restaurant just because of the fact that it was recently founded. Matteo Preda is one of the shareholders and a chef at the restaurant and has always enjoyed cooking, even as a child. It was he who founded and opened up the restaurant in order to use the platform to spread the joy of eating good food to locals and tourists alike.
Matteo, himself, prepares and serves the food since the staff consists of two people: Matteo and Fabrizio Capuano. Both of them are friendly and enthusiastic people who love to serve food to anyone who visits the restaurant. The food is prepared from the heart and this shows on the plate as it is presented and organized beautifully by Matteo and Fabrizio.

The menu consists of foods such as Octopus carpaccio lying on mesclun steamed in the restaurant’s own scampi salad with citrus oil, homemade noodles with lobster Giuggiole black with catch of the day and other such delightful foods. Matteo himself prepares these foods for customers.

If you like fish you’ll find delicious foods such as the Milanese Fillet of sea bream with Mediterranean oranges and rosemary baked turbot with zucchini flowers with a delicate mixture of shellfish which is another combination prepared by Matteo himself. If you like red snapper you’ll find the snapper on the noodles delightful.

The restaurant is welcoming, classy and looks sophisticated at the same time. One can go here with his/her loved one or with family. The food is priced reasonably though some dishes may be more expensive than the rest.

Where wines are concerned, you’ll find white and red wines on the menu. Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Grigio and other well-aged and preserved wines are available on the menu. These are a little expensive but once you have a taste of these wines, you’ll see that it really is worth the price.

Everything served here is fresh and the staff is very accommodating and active. Many people adore the tiramisu made and served by Matteo himself. Neither is too intrusive and both are alert and responsive to customers’ needs.

If you want a special dish you need to let the owners know a day or so in advance. Many expect fish to be expensive though the fish served here is reasonably priced and delicious. The price truly is right for every dish and wine that is served here.
The portions are good and satisfying though one must save room for the delicious desserts made and served by Matteo!

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