I can't be on a diet!

by Restie Mae Estudillo

Well it's hard for someone like me to be on a diet.

I easily get hungry, and the food is somehow always displayed in the most noticeable place.
When I was younger, I never cared about being chubby.

But then again when you are in the elementary school, kids always tease you even though you are not that fat.

So, I was one those kids who are being teased.

When I started to go to high school, I thought that the teasing will stop, but it still continued although not in "childish ways" anymore.

I started to use some diet techniques.

I've tried water therapy but it didn't worked for me, I was feeling even more hungry. I also tried to search on the internet for more suggestion, but most of them didn't have any effect on me.

Irena's reply:

Dear Restie Mae Estudillo,

Well, it is hard for anyone to be "on a diet". Even if you are one of those who can persist long enough with some diet plan, once you stop and go back to old eating habits, it is only the matter of time before you will gain even more weight back.

Your body suffers, your mind and soul even more. You feel like a total failure.

That circle can be stopped. You shouldn't be hungry. If you are hungry following your diet plan, whatever it is, it will certainly not last for long. That's why I love the Mediterranean diet.

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Treat yourself as a garbage bin and regret later

by Joan
(L.A., USA)

My reason of losing my shape has been my pregnancy and then my child.

Pregnancy was obviously the time when you are fed with the heaviest of diets for the child to grow well inside you. As what you eat goes to your child, even you tend to lose all sense of diet and eat whatever is suggested by your elders.

Ultimately even after delivery you stay with a lot of weight. Then somehow I managed to lose the extra kilos and by that time my son had grown and was two year old. Then I started with the tendency to treat myself as a garbage bin.

I would eat any left over from my son's plate. If I have made something for him and he does not like it or want it, I used to eat it up, just because I did not like to waste food. This attitude was a slow trap towards obesity, which I least cared about then.

The issue was any food that was specially made for my son, was fattening and heavy in calories and slowly and steadily all that packed onto me. And now I weigh 68 kg with a 5.2" height.

Irena's reply:

Dear Joan,

Thanks for sharing your story. Unfortunately there are lot of us gaining some extra weight after pregnancy. I suggest you try my
diet meal plans. After only one week, you will see some great things happening!

I hope you would agree that taking care of small children can sometimes be very exhausting even though they are our little blessings from heaven. So, some energy-up-inches-down method is great thing for that tough period.

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