Heat Diana

Location: Viale Piave, 42, 20129 Milan, Italy (Porta Venezia)
Contact info: phone:+39 02 2058 2034;
Email: hclub.diana(at)sheraton.com

The great thing about Milan is that it’s home to different kinds of restaurants.

Tourists and locals will come across restaurants that serve Italian, Indian, continental, Mediterranean and other such foods.
While some restaurants are situated inside small and dingy streets, others can be found in the city itself.

Heat Diana is a restaurant situated in the Sheraton Diana Majestic. Many models come to visit this well-known restaurant during the (world famous) Milan Fashion Week.
If you’re looking for something modern and trendy, this restaurant is the right place for you.

There’s a bar in the restaurant and an outdoor setting, too. Anyone who visits the restaurants falls in love with the beautiful terrace. The ambience is exquisite and the environment is classy.

Posh and sophisticated people come here and you’ll find a large number of tourists come here on a daily basis. Some people find the food to be expensive and though the prices are a little steep but the food is worth it.

The staff is friendly though not as informal as those found in other Italian restaurants. These guys are strictly professional and will be at your beck and call as and when you need them or their services.

Different kinds of wines are available here and though these are slight expensive you’ll find them to be worth the price.

The buffet offered at the place is amazing and should you have any issues you can always talk to the responsive and responsible manager of the restaurant who will help solve any issues you may have with your food or reservations.

You’ll find different kinds of fish and seafood on the menu, too. These are cooked freshly and most of the foods offered here is Mediterranean though you’ll find Italian options on the menu as well. If you’re looking for something modern and not typically Italian you’ll love the Heat Diana.

One can always come here for cocktails as the prices for these are quite reasonable. If you want to organize a party or celebrate a special occasion, you may do so for a reasonable price. The restaurant also has delicious appetizers for those of you who want to load up on a little food before the main course. The risotto and tiramisu are a delight for those who like desserts.

People usually come here for the ambience and to party. If you want to take a break from Italy itself and feel like just letting loose or if you want to eat Mediterranean foods and drink well-preserved and aged wines, in a modern set up, then, Heat Diana would be right for you.

However, anyone interested in reserving the restaurant for a party or a special occasion must do so a day or so before the event itself because many customers tend to come here for lunch and for dinner.

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