Cose Nostre

Via Della Chiesa Rossa 71, 20142 Milan, Italy.

For fans of Mediterranean food who are visiting Milan, Italy for the first time, you can’t possibly miss out on Cose Nostre.

Easily one of the best restaurants when it comes to Mediterranean food, Cose Nostre has gained quite a decent reputation for itself as being one of the finest dining experiences in the heart of Italy.

Located on the Via Della Chiesa, this restaurant has everything that you could ask for; ranging from live music, late night dining as well as competitive rates and a very expansive menu.

Mediterranean food is the focus when you visit Cose Nostre, and this reflects in the ambiance of the restaurant as well.

With stained glass windows, red brick walls and beautifully structured pillars, not to mention the wooden floors and the comfy dining chairs, the owner of the restaurant has worked extra hard in order to ensure that the ambiance of the restaurant actually matches their dining experience.

The restaurant offers wine tasting, and there are a number of different wines located in their menu, starting from some of the easily available ones and going up to the significantly expensive wines as well.

For those who are new to Mediterranean food and are just willing to enjoy at out of fun, the waiters at the restaurant are extremely helpful, and depending upon your eating preferences, will guide you to the best possible dish that you can choose from.

Cose Nostre has gained a reputation for providing some very rewarding deals to their customers, and most of these deals are changed on a daily basis.

For those with a budget, it is certainly going to exceed expectations. In an interview, the owner of the restaurant stated that he tries his very best in order to keep the prices at a minimal level in order to ensure that customers keep coming back, and by and large, this method has worked wonders.

As for the menu, the food choice available here is absolutely tremendous.

You can get virtually all kinds of Mediterranean dishes here, starting from their unique Mediterranean chicken special tray bake and going all the way to famous dishes such as Roasted peppers with tomatoes and anchovies, duck eggs with warm beans, asparagus and chili salad. The restaurant offers numerous combinations of three course meals for people to choose from, while those who are interested in making their own choices can also do so.

One of their outstanding dishes is the Lunchbag swordfish with their own Mediterranean tomato sauce which has garnered tremendous acclaim.
Critics wrote about it as well, claiming it to be the best swordfish available in Milan.

Another extremely popular dish at the restaurant in terms of customer choice is the Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable Pie, which has also received a positive response.

For people who are looking for a fine dining experience unlike any other, the food at Cose Nostre is an absolute wonder, while the prices are also quite affordable.

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