Café Corfu

Address: 7 Pratt Street, Camden London
Phone: 0207 112 8984, 0845 345

Specializes in delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. It is known for its elegant stylish and unique design. It opens daily from midday to mid night.

It is located in 7 Pratt Street, Camden London. It’s strategically located in a visible location that no one can ever miss.

It serves delicious and mouth watering foods. The menu has foods that are palatable for everyone and healthy as well.

It is very stylish. The décor is unique from the entrance with every corner of the restaurant having designs that are out of this world.

The ambience of the place is very romantic. This is the best place to take you loved one out for dinner. It has an intimate setting that promises to create the right environment.

As for the dressing, you have to dress accordingly. This is because there is a certain dress code that is emphasized in the place and you can look out of place if you do not follow the right dress code.

The music system of this place is very good. The music played just sets the right theme for a eating and having an intimate dinner with your spouse.

It is common with both tourists who visit London as well as with the residents of Camden London. Many people come from far and wide just to have a meal in this exquisite place so when you come here you are going to meet very many people from other backgrounds.

It not only has the best food, it also has the best entertainment. There is floor that has been designed specifically for dancing made of oak wood as well as lights that are designed to bring in the disco mood while dancing. There is also a PA system so it is a good place to have events such as weddings and meetings.

Reservations can be made using either the numbers 0207 112 8984 and/or 0845 345. The staff here is always ready to answer your call.

You can also visit the website There are also customer reviews of people who have gone to the place. With these reviews you can get to know whether this is the right place to come and have your meals. There are also clear directions to its exact location at this website.

It has so many great things to offer you. You can only get to have the full experience if you take the bold step and visit the place for yourself. If you are looking for a good place to enjoy a sumptuous meal with your friends and then get down to dancing, you should come to this restaurant.

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