Anti Inflammatory Diet

When you are considering the best anti inflammatory diet that contains the highest percentage of anti inflammatory foods, the Mediterranean diet bears heavy consideration.

An anti inflammatory diet contains anti inflammatory foods that help build the immune system and typically, they are ones that are high in anti-oxidants and low in saturated fats.

This can help lower the incidence of heart disease and high cholesterol.

anti inflammatory foods

The advantages of the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a good natural way to fight inflammation because it features anti inflammatory foods and more than half the fat calories come from monounsaturated fats, like olive oil.

While there are more than a dozen countries in the Mediterranean area, many of them have these few things in common.

The overall health, lower heart disease risk and lower death rates from heart attacks, of the people in the region, have been mainly attributed to the diet and the foods (a high consumption of fruit, vegetables, wholewheat bread or cereals, beans, nuts and seeds).

anti inflammatory foods

The main oil and monounsaturated fat is natural olive oil and if you really want to do the best for your health, take omega-3 fatty acids (something I have been doing for years. I am also giving it in a liquid form to my children).

Just make sure that it is refined, pharmaceutical grade fish oil. That is one of the best anti inflammatory supplement.

It is believed the foods included in the Mediterranean diet, along with the red wine, have some of the highest levels of antioxidants, which help in cell regeneration and help boost the immune system.

The anti inflammatory foods are the ones that have the highest amounts of nutrients and the lowest amount of inflammatory ingredients.

For this reason, it is considered an anti inflammatory diet that boosts the immune system, digestive system and cell regeneration through antioxidants, which fight the toxins and free radicals in the system.

It is believed that these toxins and free radicals cause illness and diseases, because they weaken the immune system's ability to fight them off.

Anti inflammatory foods boost the metabolism, the immune system and help with cell regeneration, while fighting off illness and diseases.

The Mediterranean diet is largely responsible for the lower incidence of fatal diseases, like heart disease because the fat calories come from monounsaturated sources and the foods are highly nutritious and have higher levels of antioxidants.

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