Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill

Location: 1901 Abrams Road, Dallas, Texas 75214
2103N Central Expressway, Richardson, TX 75080
5910N McArthur Boulevard, Irving
Phone: Dallas - 214.823.8235, Richardson - 972.437.1222, Irving - 972.401.3900

This is a restaurant and Grill in Dallas and is set in a Mediterranean cuisine. It offers affordable Middle East dishes and is best suited for dinner and lunch buffet.

Ali Baba is a Mediterranean restaurant and grill found in a total of three Dallas locations where you can enjoy eating delicious Mediterranean meals and an ideal Mediterranean cuisine. Its three locations are Dallas, Richardson and Irving.
It has sumptuous Middle Eastern dishes which are taken from the Middle East.

The meals are prepared with great expertise and skills. Moreover, the meals are also affordable. This has made Ali Baba a destination for people with different incomes.

Having also been open and working since the 90s, this restaurant has all the experience in customer service that you need. Their customer service is well equipped and made up of highly trained professionals who are more than willing to serve you and take care of all your needs while you are in the place.

Ali Baba is best open and suited for lunch buffet as well as dinner meals. All the foods are fresh, flavorful and delicious. You can bring your family here to enjoy a wonderful time together while you make up for your busy week.

It features perfect mazza sampling which act as appetizers and includes Baba ghanosh, tahini sauce and eggplant among others. Ali Baba is also well known for grilled meats like grilled chicken, ground beef kebabs and even beef, all with Asian names.

The meals are served in a well decorated and traditional manner. They are also served with a nice rice blend accompanied with vermicelli pasta. A dish of pita bread is also included in the meal. They also serve yoghurt with most of their meals.

It was launched by Jala and Adam, the Chanaa brothers. It has since been a perfect place to try out wonderful and sumptuous meals and enjoy a great family time together. It forms one of the best restaurants for parties, business meetings, family meetings as well as Mediterranean feats. The available catering group is always ready and willing to help you make your meeting a success and worth the money spent. You will not regret any cent you spend while at this place. Right from the time you enter its doors to the time you leave, you will get all that you need.

Ali Baba is set in a conducive Lakewood environment, cool and with minimal noise for relaxing. For further information, feel free to visit their site at The site has intensive information about the restaurant. You can also download their meals at the site.

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