5 Food Staples You should Always Have

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Isn’t it frustrating that every so often the media presents some new diet plan that goes against what people said was useful just a few months back?

And what about all those newly discovered foods that help you lose weight? Times are changing, and along with it come the changes in what’s recommended to keep your safe.

So instead of being easily carried away by the surprising discoveries science informs you about, simply focus on a healthy lifestyle composed of these healthy staples:

1. Broccoli. Many people hate broccoli, and they are wrong in doing so. Boiled broccoli is actually a good source of nutrients, plus it helps cleanse your body too. If you are worried that it doesn’t taste good, search for simple yet good ways of preparing it to make it taste better. There are tons of recipes involving broccoli to choose from, and they taste great.

2. Grapes. You can never get too much antioxidants. Removing free radicals in the body is made easier with a steady supply of grapes. You could also have a glass of red wine during
times when you don’t want to eat the fruit.

3. Safe drinking water. Did you think that the water you’re drinking abundantly is 100% safe? If you really want to make sure that water does not present your body with any health risks, avoid purified water that has been treated with fluoride and chloride.

4. Seafood. It can never be emphasized enough how important essential fatty acids are in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Seafoods are the best source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, so always include clams, oysters, fish, and crabs in your diet.

5. Tofu. Instead of adding fat and carcinogens to your diet in the form of meat, just use tofu. The taste is great, plus it has zero calories for you to worry about. Another good thing about tofu is that wherever you put it, it can easily absorb the taste of other ingredients, making the dish very delectable.
Instead of being caught up in the changing times, you can just settle for food staples that have been tried and tested to give you a balanced diet while not loading you with calories. It’s better to be safe than trampled upon by the varying advances of science, isn’t it? But of course, every once in a while a great new addition to these staples comes along. If there’s enough evidence that says the food is safe, it’s okay to try it out too.

Aleshsa Wilson is a staff writer at RockwelNutrition.com.

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