Zeolite Detox

Why is Zeolite Detox Important

It is not possible to talk about staying healthy while our bodies are being bombarded every day with high levels of toxins from our environment and food.

We try so hard to look good, to make our hair and skin look good, to be physically in shape. But inside we are full of garbage, toxins and chemicals. These toxins are stored in our body and cause more than 95% of all the problems we have today.

This is scientifically proven. Nine out of ten problems, conditions, diseases are caused by toxins that are stored in our body. So the problem is in mercury, arsenic, aluminum, etc .. There is a long list of chemicals we are exposed to.

Want to see what Clean Slate does?
430% increase in mercury excretion in 7 days. 10 drops twice daily. No negative side affects:

Every year, 10,000 new chemicals are "launched" on the market. They are put in food, cosmetics, sometimes even without testing. There were chemicals that were banned 40 years ago and were found in the blood of today’s children. What is in our great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, is also in us (so-called biomagnification), because it is transmitted through the placenta. We live in a time where our children are so poisoned that they cannot function.

We have simply accepted that behavioral disorders (e.g., ADHD) have become normal and we accept this as a standard. But this is not normal and should not be accepted. It is an anomaly due to intoxication. Because if our body is clean and functioning well, we don’t have those problems.

Heavy metals are the baddest boys on the block

Zeolite detox

The juice cleanse, the liver cleanse, the kidney cleanse and any cleanse that you might think are good detoxes, are nowhere near what you need to do to get rid of these bad boys.

What are heavy metals? The pervasive, damaging metals like mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, aluminum, cesium, strontium, gadolinium…those are what we're going to refer to as heavy metals.

Mercury is the worst neurotoxin known to man and this is important because what science has shown and what most of the data published on heavy metals has shown is that mercury not only is the worst neurotoxin known, it's probably the most toxic metal that is in our environment. 

Why Clean Slate?....

Did you know that our bodies are constantly exposed to pollution and toxicity? We don't really know what is inside the food we eat...Pollutants are in the soil and on the plants...

Modest estimates suggest that we are exposed to more than 700,000 different chemicals on a daily basis, from household cleaning supplies to cosmetics. 

Scientists are realizing the chemicals found in a wide array of household goods are more toxic than previously thought.

We have something that could be a good SOLUTION... Clean Slate

Clean Slate is a liquid zeolite, you can buy it HERE.

Clean Slate can help you with DETOXIFICATION, aids on INFLAMATION, and helps you with improving ABSORPTION.

  • It uses Nature’s best detoxifying mineral removing Toxins and Heavy Metals from our body in a safely way...
  • Increases body energy, general inmmunity and well being

Heavy metals shut off our body's ability to produce glutathione which is our natural detoxing antioxidant, our master antioxidant, and it shuts off methylation (methylation is our body's natural process for detoxifying toxins).

So mercury alone makes everything else worse. It shuts off your body's ability to get other toxins out.

The worst part is that we're all mercury toxic…

Does Clean Slate Zeolite Remove Heavy Metals From Our Body?


What is The Best Zeolite for Detox?  

My vote goes to: Root Clean Slate

Root Clean Slate is the only zeolite in the world that has the ability to pass through cell membranes.

With the protected patent of hydrolysis and nanotization, the zeolite molecule, which has the shape of a honeycomb, breaks down into the smallest possible fragments.

Using the Nano Sizing procedure, a special size of the fragment is obtained, which as such enters through the glands under the tongue directly into the bloodstream and cleanses the cells of the body and brain tissue of heavy metals and toxins.

Zeolite powder cleanses the body exclusively through the intestines and digestive system. As such, it cannot cleanse the cells of the brain and cells of other organs and parts of the body of heavy metals that are deposited in the body throughout life.

Root Clean Slate cleanses the brain and relieves the central nervous system, reduces negative inflammation in the body, clears impurities from the body and the circulatory system, and exits the body through urine.

It works on all chronic diseases and even on depression caused by blocking the brain and central nervous system by heavy metals that disable the role of brain stem cells.

Many people have reported that it can reduce fatigue, relieve migraines and painful joints, clouded brain, numbness, tingling, inflammatory processes, indigestion, susceptibility to infections, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, poor memory, fungi and body acidity, skin rashes, loss of concentration and attention, mood swings.

Clean Slate is not a medicine and does not affect the symptoms of various diseases. Clean Slate acts on the main causes and removes them from the body.

Where to Purchase Clean Slate Liquid Zeolite?

Although I will earn a small commission if you order this great product here, I assure you that I would never suggest anything that is not proven to be highly beneficial to LetsGoMediterranean.com readers.

Passive Mercury Detoxification with Root Clean Slate

The systemic carnage caused by mercury in the human body is well proven.

If you have ever had an amalgam filling, worked with an amalgam fillings or had parents or grandparents who had amalgam fillings, you have mercury in your body.

The problem has been how to effectively, passively and safely remove the worst neurotoxin on the planet from the entire body.

Clean Slate offers a simple, effective, safe and passive zeolite detox, and systemic mercury removal.

All dentists and their staff are mercury poisoned – they may not know it. It is just not possible to have been preparing, placing and removing amalgam fillings on a daily basis for possibly decades, and for that not to be the case.

Key Reasons Why My Vote Goes to Root Clean Slate

  • Mercury toxicity and other heavy metals have been proven to be the cause of over 90% of all chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, ADD, Autism & Alzheimer's,
  • Clean Slate is scientifically proven in clinical studies to passively remove mercury, aluminum and many other heavy metals from the brain, cells and tissue,
  • Clean Slate will increase activity in the brain as well as improve memory and sleep.

Clean Slate is the least expensive and most effective to passively remove heavy metals and environmental toxins.

How much Zeolite to Take Daily? What is the Best Time to Take Zeolite?

1 oz. (30ml) bottle Root Clean Slate contains 600 drops.

The recommended use of Clean Slate is 10 drops orally twice a day. Taking first thing in the morning and just before bed being ideal.

It is highly important that you take at least 8-10 glasses of water every day during your zeolite detox.

Stay healthy & let me know your results!



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